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Styles of Yoga Offered

A strengthening practice that is inviting for all-levels of experience and compliments a progressing Yogi’s practice.  This practice will utilize the "Sun Salutation Sequence" to begin then inviting new postures into the practice, building up to "peak" postures.  


Ashtanga Vinyasa (Flow)
This rigorous practice harnesses the traditional Surya A & Surya B foundations from the Mysore practice. This style involves synchronized breath control with a progressive series of postures, which creates a true moving meditation. The "asanas" (postures) in this practice come from the original teaching of Ashtanga Yoga and are building blocks to the flow.


Hatha Yoga
A slower-paced Yoga practice developed to introduce basic postures. It offers relaxation techniques while working the body in a right side to left side nature.   


Chair Yoga

Through the assist of a folding chair, this Yoga practice brings accessibility to a student who may be experiencing a severe injury to living with a handicap. All the postures in this practice are gentle and at a slow pace. Poses can be done completely from a seated position or standing with the constant assist of the chair. 

Yoga Sculpting & Strength Training

Toning and strengthening the body through the postures with light dumbbells and resistance bands.  This practice is great for athletes, practitioners who want to firm up their joints and those who want to build muscle mindfully. Also, muscle release balls available as well for this type of Yoga which allows the facia to breakup and soften. 

Restorative Yoga
When giving all three elements of body, mind and spirit the deepest of rest, we call this "Restorative Yoga." The healing power of this practice is designed to allow the practitioner a safe and calm space to let go, yet feel supported. The use of many blocks, bolsters, blankets, belts and eye pillows allow all postures to be completely supported every step of the way.


Meditation organically coincides with the practice of the breath.  This seated practice of stillness quiets the "monkey mind" we all experience, centers and calms the spirit.  

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