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Beginner Tips And Info


New to Yoga? Great! 

Helpful Yoga Tips 

1. Free The Feet- Yoga is typically practiced without shoes or socks so as to create a deep earth connection through the soles of the feet.  This keeps the practitioner from slipping on the mat and deeply grounded in the practice. If there is a medical consideration for the feet that require the practitioner to wear socks, there are "Yoga" toe socks available that have gripping properties to the soles to create anti-slip.

2. Call You Later Skater- Yoga is an avenue to quiet the mind, which allows the practitioner to center inward and concentrate. So, it can be very disruptive when any type of ringtone or buzzing sound is going off. When someone is talking on the phone or fidgeting with a "smart watch" in the middle of class, it can be distracting to yourself and to others around. This applies to talking while the teacher is leading the class. If it is a safety issue, that should always be brought to the teachers attention immediately otherwise respectfully wait until after class is completed.

3. The Early Bird Gets The Yoga Spot- That's a saying right? It is respectful and wise to come a least 10 minutes before the time of the class.  This allows you to calmly arrive and find the ideal location for your mat and the class can collectively begin at the same time without disruption. 

4. Go With The Flow...- There are many styles of Yoga so, naturally there are many styles of teaching.  Be respectful in the class even if you find that the instructor or practice is not completely your cup of tea.  Keep a patient and compassionate focus even if it seems difficult. Make Savasana a priority in the practice so as to not skip and simply allow your experience to be part of your over-all learning. If you feel threatened or your safety is at risk though, please do not wait and exit the space as soon as you would need.

5. Leggo My Ego- Many times in life our ego tries to get the better of us, but in Yoga we create awareness without judgment towards ourself and others. Yoga is a noncompetitive practice due to it's spiritual depth and personalization towards the practice of how each body responds to the poses.  We may witness someone  in a more complex posture, but remember we are all on a path towards finding inner peace.  So, the gaze must be inward versus outward. 

6. Skip The Gallon Iced Tea- It is crucial to have a comfortably empty stomach slightly before and during a Yoga practice. If feeling faint or light headed it is alright to have a filling snack and some water to tide you over. It can very uncomfortable to move through the practice with a full stomach.  It is also necessary to use the restroom before class and during resting postures, but only if it's a must.  These times are the least disruptive and give you time to not miss out on the practice. 

7. I'm Here For The Savasana- Savasana is directly translated in Sanskrit as "corpse pose."  This a the final resting posture when practicing in any Yoga class. This asana (posture) allows the body, mind and spirit to soften with ease and gives way to the integration of all the the physical asanas just experienced in the practice. This is where deep connection to your authentic self resides so, it is important to take the 5-10 minutes to rest and restore. 

See? You're already a pro! 

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